Freediving is pure.

You take one breath and experience the ocean in its natural silent state. Your heartbeat slows while your body learns to trust the experience, and the mind remembers what it always knew. Our students, at every level of training, are continually surprised at what they can achieve on one breath, and most of all, that it is easier than they expected. Come and see for yourself.


The Freediver Course will make you feel more comfortable and safe while exploring the ocean.


The Master Freediver Course is made for you to take your training to the next level.


Longer breath-holds, exhale diving, advanced breathing techniques and much more.


The Apnea Total Instructor Course will provide you with strong teaching skills and solid freediving knowledge.


The Monofin Specialty Course is designed to introduce the student to freediving with a monofin using correct, safe and efficient technique.

Easy access off Central America’s beautiful Caribbean Coast

“The best place to learn the exciting sport of freediving!”

They have great instructors that are professional and easy going. This sport is good for your body and mind: you will relax and enjoy the deep blue. If ever in Utila, go and try it!

Edgardo Andrade

Pensacola, Florida, via Facebook

“World Class Instructors helped me go deep!”

I came to Utila for a free dive course after having completed a beginner course in Bali. My experience with Apnea Total blew my mind – on my last day of diving I reached 37m! There’s no doubt in my mind that it had to do with the quality of the instructors.


San Francisco, California, via TripAdvisor

“No need to worry, this is more meditative than extreme.”

This is a really fun and safe way to explore the depths around Utila. As a 40-year old Mr Mom with my more sporty days behind me, I was a bit intimidated about engaging in what I thought was an extreme sport. However, I found a patient instructor in Tex, who seems to focus more on knowledge and meditative techniques to get his students to the bottom. He got me down to 37 meters, and I found a new favorite sport.


Miami, Florida, via TripAdvisor

“This was easily the best course I’ve ever paid for.”

I’ve never done scuba or anything PADI related so I was unsure of what to expect or how I’d do, yet the guys made me feel so at ease in the water. The science behind freediving is fascinating as well, and they teach it in a way which is simple to grasp and therefore easy (with practice) to pull off when it comes to dive time. Thanks Apnea Utila, I’ll be seeing you soon for some fun dives… or maybe my advanced… haven’t decided yet!

James Steevenson

Melbourne, Australia, via Facebook