Freediver Course

Freediver course

2 ½ days


The Apnea Total Freediver Course is designed for any individual, regardless of aquatic experience, who is interested in the incredible experience of apnea (breath-hold) diving.

The Freediver Course enables you to dive comfortably and safely as deep as 20 meters. Our experienced team of instructors guide you through unique breathing and relaxation techniques in a supportive, non-competitive environment to ensure a successful and fun experience.

This course consists of two academic sessions and two aquatic sessions. In the classroom, instructors interact with students using demonstrations, videos, and one-on-one feedback, ensuring students master the techniques and knowledge to dive with comfort, safety, efficiency, and correct style.

In the water, instructors dive with each student, regardless of depth, to give personalized attention and feedback, and to increase their confidence and safety.

Upon completion of the Freediver Course, students will receive certification as well as private online access to the Freediver Course materials, so that you can maintain your freediving knowledge.

Price: $250

The Freediver Course structure is as follows:

Academic Session 1

  • Introduction to freediving and the different disciplines
  • Familiarization with equipment
  • Duck-dives – Effective underwater entry technique
  • Kicking technique
  • Equalization techniques
  • Breathing techniques
  • Recovery breathing
  • Hydration and diet

Aquatic Session 1

  • Preparation of equipment
  • Stretching
  • Practice of efficient breathing techniques in the water
  • Free-Immersion dives
  • Buoyancy Check
  • Duck dives and kicking technique
  • Constant Weight dives
  • Maximum depth of 12 meters

Academic Session 2

  • Review and feedback from Aquatic session #1
  • Fine-tuning the breathing technique
  • Safety considerations, partial-pressure and physiology
  • Safety and rescue procedures in the water

Aquatic Session 2

  • Pranayamas and Bandhas – yogic breathing and stretching with application to freediving
  • Warm up dives
  • Free-Immersion and Constant Weight Dives
  • Safety procedures and practice
  • Buddy team work
  • Maximum depth 20 meters

* Honduran sales tax is 15% and is included in the price


The Freediver Course will make you feel more comfortable and safe while exploring the ocean.


The Apnea Total Instructor Course will provide you with strong teaching skills and solid freediving knowledge.


Longer breath-holds, exhale diving, advanced breathing techniques and much more in the Advanced Freediver Course.


The Monofin Specialty Course is designed to introduce the student to freediving with a monofin using correct, safe and efficient technique.


The Master Freediver Course is made for you to take your training to the next level.