Going deeper – Chris and Hels learn to freedive

Going deeper – Chris and Hels learn to freedive

We were fortunate enough to host Chris and Hels for a week as they backpacked across Central America. They shared their experience in the Freediver and Advanced Freediver courses on their blog.

‘Enjoy your dive. You’re a very strong diver.’ Lisa’s words lingered in my mind as I headed into the deep. From the surface, you could only see the first 20 metres of line, beyond that, it melted away into the blue, as I soon would too.

Who’s  Edgardo Andrade???

Who’s Edgardo Andrade???

Edgardo Andrade before anything else is our dear friend . He took the beginner course with us last year. He was what we call a “natural freediver”, and now he is the national record holder of Honduras! We just came back from “Roatan Carribean cup...